We are a company specialized in microcapsules technology for the production of paints and varnishes with microencapsulated fragrance and flavors used in scented folders.

We operate in the field of Environmental scenting with diffusers that exude dry air. We prepare the Olfactory Identity Brand, ie the olfactory logo of the company.

We perform super special graphics finishes with microcapsules-based inks or other products for thermochromic applications, photochromic, phosphorescent, hydrochromics, glitter, microglitter, scratch paintings and makeup.

Our company is 100% Brazilian, active since 1992 in the print market with special effects and environmental scenting in various segments.

  • Aromatization of printed pieces and marketing;
  • Aromatic Varnishes;
  • Scented Difusers ;
  • Microcapsules;
  • Special Paints;
  • Gifts


The Croma implemented in the country with pioneering the technique "open and smell", with the first customer the Apothecary, the ad "Burnt Forest," which earned the W / Brazil Award April 1992 by the creation of the advertising piece.

Then the company implemented the system "scratch and sniff" and later, in 1994, "run your hand and feel", scented layer applied in off-set.

In 1995 we surprised the market with fragrant outdoor (adopted by Pine Sol and kebabs Mimi), driven by turbines capable of breaking the microcapsules containing the essence of perfume in an area of up to 150m².

The innovation gave rise to the point of sale diffuser operated by Gillette to promote its male line Wildrain: Ellida and Gibbs, spreading the fragrance of deodorant Axe Eclipse.

The Croma also markets encapsulated textures, offering harsh effects, silky, soft and wet in promotional materials; photochromic, which surprises when exposed to sunlight; thermochromic, which show images in a dark base when subjected to temperature changes; liquid crystals, which allow various colors variables corresponding to predetermined temperatures and the known samples of products ready for use.

The Croma offers solutions in sensory marketing, exploring the sight, smell and touch in an innovative and creative way, generating the expected result.


Offer solutions that arouse desires, that touch and bring the welfare of human beings during their daily tasks.


Being the largest company in the southern hemisphere that uses microcapsules technology for product development in olfactory marketing and special super printing finishes.


Innovative company that carries out its work within ethical and moral values of society. We care about integrity, sustainability and social responsibility. Always giving priority to the environment.

Anhembi street, 182 Vila Cruzeiro
04728-010 Sao Paulo - SP
Phone: 55 (11) 5642-1552

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