Information Scented Yellow ink for newspaper

The Yellow Ink Aromatic for Journal is applied on the graphic itself which prints the newspaper, as last color in total area of ​​entire page.
The amount of ink needed was 1 kg for every 5000 pages (assuming full page format ESP). Of course for very small runs, the minimum should be to fill the cartridge, which should be asked for graphical personnel. We can always get in touch with the graphic that prints the newspaper to clarify technical questions.


What we need to know:
- What the machine, availability placing a cassette or spot or run separate announcement.


Most important for the creation of the ad is that it should be 80% from yellow to smell good. We ask that all ads are emailed to our technical analysis prior customer approval.


We have developed many fragrances to newspapers across Brazil, from Rio Grande do Sul to Piauí.


Among some aromas are announced:
Peach, new car, Chocolate, Popcorn, Dove, coffee, roses, Panettone, Assolan, Mato, Grape, Ipe.


Other aromas that can be used: customer essences (perfumery industry, hygiene and cleaning), dupes of French perfumes and aromas and essences developed by Chroma as some examples: lavender, rosemary, fresh air, banana, vanilla, cinnamon, strawberry, barbecue, coconut, fennel, apple, floral, bouquet, forest, mint, jasmine, green mate, nature, sweet bread, hot bread, pine, cherry, pizza, priprioca, Amazon´s roots, talc, baby, among many others.


Ask for what you want. Many others can be developed.


Samples of aromas: The first sample is sent a small bottle with the aroma or fragrance to the customer approves.


Note: All long runs ads must be pre-tested so that if necessary can be made improvements in the aroma and creation. Each newspaper spends his price of flavored placement.



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