thermochromic inks

The color change in the presence of temperature variation is a phenomenon that certain substances exhibit and is called:



The process is reversible, but there are some applications that may be irreversible.

Use: Promotional field or security printing.


Thermochromic ink waterborne

Thermochromic UV ink


• Has a large number of shades. The temperature ranges for color change are well defined.

• Allows mixing shades between same turning point inks.


The thermochromic ink is ideal for security documents, promotional items, indicative temperature of labels, packaging, games and gadgets, four-color - Although we offer a magenta color, thermochromic inks can not be replaced by a normal four-color because the result does not satisfy shades the same pattern. Sensitivity - thermochromic materials are sensitive to adverse environmental conditions, so we are some recommendations:


Colour Depth:

The color intensity of the ink is low, therefore the film thickness should be as large as possible. The color intensity depends on customer requirements, but the weight of the cover should be 2 to 3 times that of a normal ink.


Control color:

Reading the density of thermochromic inks will change according to the change in pressure and temperature of the room. So the best way to measure the density of the thermochromic ink is cooling the piece below 15 ° C, which allow you to check the color density in the coldest of ink, or the darkest state. As an example of placing the workpiece in a frozen packaging will allow an accurate measure of density levels. Spray cold, a cooler or cold surface are other options that can be used to accomplish the same thing.
• etc...
• Black is the only color that completely covers the print.


Deposition of thermochromic ink Hot
We call these warm temperatures that are above ambient temperature at the time. Generally between 25 and 45 degrees


Termocrmica Quente Termocrmica Termocrmica Termocrmica Termocrmica Termocrmica Termocrmica


Cold thermochromic ink Deposition
We call cold those that are below ambient temperature at the time. Usually between -4 to 20 degrees.


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